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With over 40 years of industry experience, Solutions 4 Manufacturing provides services typically outside the core competencies of manufacturing plants. We offer complete plants - equipment and processes, packaging machinery, tanks, boilers, pumps, agitators, water cooling systems, air systems, and more are available for immediate sale.


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Plant Liquidation

Westfalia RSA-150
Westfalia RSA-150 primary centrifuge. 60 HP motor. Model RSA-150-01-076. Built in 1988, was in operation until July 2013. Bowl spins at 4700 RPM. Capacity up to 40,000 #/hr - was operating at approximately 35,000 #/hr, can treat product with solids up to 1.1 kg/dm3. Includes simple manual control box. Physical weight bowl 1,980 lbs & frame 2,750 lbs. We have centrifuge feed pump and gums pump available as well as an option. Price includes removal and loading on your truck.

Filler - Shortening & Marg Chub
Kartridge Pak Chub filler. Year 1983. Model 43-C4-D2-P9-S1, serial 430. Fills sizes 12oz to 48oz. Operating at 4,500 pounds per hour. See video of filler in use at . Price does not include dismantling, packaging or crating for shipment.
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Removed from Older Plant
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Plant Liquidation

Plants & Systems    

    Bleach Plant  150 MTPD     Kingston, Jamaica
    DeSmet Stainless steel continuous bleaching system     Schematic   Flyer  

    Deodorizer  220 MTPD      2 complete systems - Tennessee
    Votator deodorizer system rated at 20,000 pounds per hour, 5 tray with super tray. Complete system including superstructure and controls.

    Winterizer System   100 TPD    Mexico
    Winterizing System rated at 100 MTPD. Designed by Gianazza, includes crystallizers, ammonia system, presses  Component List   Schematic   Flyer

    Hydrogen Generating Plant    45,000 scfh     Nebraska
    Hydrogen generating plant engineered by Hydro-Chem. Capacity is 90,000 scfh at 200 psig with a purity of 99.99% pure hydrogen - was running on 10 of its 20 tubes for 45,000 scfh capacity. Plant in mid 2012, and proper shutdown procedures were followed - still under nitrogen blanket.      Schematic    Flyer

    Full Fat Soybean Meal System     Texas
    Full fat soybean meal system 4-5 MTPD with (4) Con-Agra Extruder. Model 5500.   Flyer

    Ethanol Plant      Texas
    Ethanol Plant - Catalytic Conversion of Organic Alcohols. Plant was designed to convert biomass gas into ethanol using the Fischer-Tropsch Process. Plant was run only 42 days - Like New

Packaging and Production Lines                                                

    Filling Line - Margarine or Butter        California
    Stainless steel 1 pound print filling line designed for margarine or butter production. Includes Benhil 8345 filler and semi-automatic packer. The 1 pound prints are Western style     -->    Flyer       Component List   

    Votator Crystallizers 
    We have many sets of shortening and margarine crystallizer units      List all Votators