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With over 40 years of industry experience, Solutions 4 Manufacturing provides services typically outside the core competencies of manufacturing plants. We offer complete plants - equipment and processes, packaging machinery, tanks, boilers, pumps, agitators, water cooling systems, air systems, and more are available for immediate sale.


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Plant Liquidation

Centrifuge RSA-150
Westfalia RSA-150 primary centrifuge. 60 HP motor. Model RSA-150-01-076, S/N 1693-640. Built in 1980, bowl was in operation until July 2013. Bowl spins at 4700 RPM. Capacity up to 40,000 #/hr - was operating at approximately 35,000 #/hr, can treat product with solids up to 1.1 kg/dm3. Frame 365TD. Physical weight bowl 1,980 lbs & frame 2,750 lbs. We have centrifuge feed pump and gums pump available as well as an option. Priced As Is, cleaned, painted outside - we can quote you reconditioned to mfg specs as well. Price includes removal and loading on your truck.

Filter Press 800sf
Completely refurbished Eimco Shriver Filter Press. Size M48 S/N 2941. All plates are in great condition and new cloths are furnished for them. Wiring is brand new, all safety and micro switches are new. All hydraulic hoses are new. New chains and bearings. Max filter pressure 100 psi, Max thrust 118 tons at 3000 psi. There are 30 internal plates with 1 head plate and 1 end plate - these plates are PolyPropylene EMP 1225mm x 1225mm x 62.7mm thick for 32 chambers at 1.16 cu ft per chamber. Approx filtration area is 800 sq ft. Price includes loading on your truck
Bepex Pulverizer Mill
Pulvocron, a combination pulverizer and classifier built by Bepex in Minneapolis, MN. Does not include the classifier. This airswept pulverizer has external fineness adjustment during operation. Size PC76. Model PC-76-A. Powered by GE Electric AC motor, 500HP, 1780 rpm, 460 volts/3/60. Frame 8288S. Mill rated at 600HP, classifier rated at 50 HP. Air movement between 70,000 to 100,000 acfm. This versatile Pulvocron can pulverize in the medium fine,fine, and ultra-fine particle size ranges down to 10 micron top size with only minor adjustment. Actual housing and mechanical moving parts are all stainless steel. Pulvrocron is used in a lot of flour/rice operations. This was removed from a flour plant and was still in use at the time of shut down. Pulvocron was removed early 2013 and the plant was idled in 2010. Condition is good used not much wear internally inside housing. Physical size 113" x 197" x 161", weight with motor 35,400 pounds


Plant Liquidation

Plants & Systems    

    Hydrogen Generating Plant    45,000 scfh     Nebraska
    Hydrogen generating plant engineered by Hydro-Chem. Capacity is 90,000 scfh at 200 psig with a purity of 99.99% pure hydrogen - was running on 10 of its 20 tubes for 45,000 scfh capacity. Plant in mid 2012, and proper shutdown procedures were followed - still under nitrogen blanket.      Schematic    Flyer

    Methanol Mixed Alcohols Plant      Georgia
    Mixed Alcohols and/or Crude Methanol Production: Partial Plant & System.  Plant was designed to convert biomass gas into organic alcohols using the Fischer-Tropsch Process. Plant was run only 42 days - Like New