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Item 6227 - DeHydration Unit

Wintek Corporation DeHydration Unit. Like NEW - only 31 run hours!! This DeHy is a flash tower with condensate/receiver and vacuum system. Capacity feed content is designed for 12 to 21 gpm feed oil with up to 0.25% water. - based on soy oil modeled as a triglyceride. System consists of feed heat exchanger, a flash tank, a transfer pump, a pre-condenser, receiver tank with transfer pump, and a 10HP liquid ring vacuum system. Flash tower is cs 16 inch dia. DeHydration Unit is used to remove the water from your feed oil. When hot feed oil is exposed to a high vacuum, the water will flash into water vapor and be removed by the vacuum system. This system is skidded - removed and ready to load. Loading fee may apply depending on customer requirements and destination. See complete dehy design specs in attached file (link)

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