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Item CE-13804 - Bucket Elevator Leg, Dual 47x64
47 x 64

Tramco bucket elevator - dual bucket. Size 47-1/2" x 64" x 161'-1" center to center tall x 169'-9" OAH. Belt has dual buckets nylon with steel digger buckets every 9th row. Driven by 75HP motor 460/3/60. Has (400) Tuff-Nylon double row buckets 18" x 10" x 10 AA. And (44) carbon steel double row "digger" buckets 18" x 10" x 10". Belt is 39 inches wide x 350' long. Designed for 349 fpm, PRB coal <2" at 300 TPH. Built 2005 Includes three-way cylinder powered disperser at top. Comes with approx 30 spare buckets. [We have photo of nameplate: Tramco Order Number 05-2151-001]

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